Fix Your Device

This is what truly started this business. I, David, dropped my iPhone 4s one day while teaching. I had dropped it plenty of times before and never had a single crack on any portion of the phone. This time was different. The entire front screen cracked into roughly 900 million tiny pieces. I had called the “big name” screen replacement people and they wanted over $150 to replace my iPhone 4s screen. I decided to take things into my own hands and was successful at doing so my first try. Don’t pay the “big name” people an arm and a leg. Let me try to meet your needs. I pride myself on being honest. I will always look at a phone or device and see what I can do. I promise to never try to waste your or my money or time. IF I can fix I will try… If I can’t I will be the first to tell you I can’t.  Give me that shot. I won’t let you down.

Below is our pricing guide for all things apple. This is also the form that we will use as a “contract”. Feel free to contact us at anytime!